Neuro Nursing Programme

Time Duration   
08:00AM-08:30AM 30 Min. Registration
Session 1


150 Min. Topics Covered Role Faculty
08:30AM-08:50AM 20 Min. Neurotrauma – on overview Speaker Mrs. Kamini Kapoor [RMLIMS]
08:50AM – 09:15AM 25 Min. Neurological Assessment of a Neurotrauma Patient Speaker Mrs. Shabana  [RMLIMS]
09:15AM -09:35AM 20 Min. Transportation of a patient with Neurotrauma Speaker
09:35AM -10:00AM 25 Min. Care of a trauma patient on ventilator support Speaker Mrs. Rossily Nirmal

[Sahara Hospital ]

10:00AM11:00AM 1 hour Workshop  15 Min. each
10:00AM – 10:15AM 15 Min. Orthotic devices, uses &  application Organiser
10:15AM-10:30AM 15 Min. Neurological Assessment Organiser Mrs. Shabana             (SGPGI)
10:30AM-10:45AM 15 Min. ABG sampling & analysis Organiser
10:45AM-11:00AM 15 Min. Ventilation- steps & care Organiser
11:00AM -11:15AM 15 Min. Tea Break
Session 2 10 Min. Session 2 Role Faculty
11:25AM-12:45PM 80 Min. Topics Covered    
11:25AM-11:45AM- 20 Min. Traumatic Brain Injury causes &  Management
11:45AM-12:05PM- 20 Min. Neuro Diagnostic Procedures & Intervention in Neurotrauma Patient
12:05PM-12:25PM- 20 Min. Risk of Surgical site infection in post-op trauma patient Dr. Jyotsana


12:25PM-12:45PM- 20 Min. Neurosurgery Nursing & spiritual dimensions Suman Singh


Session 3
Time Category Duration Session Type Role Faculty
12:45PM-01:15PM 3 30 Min. E Poster Presentation Judges Mrs. Rossily Nirmal

Mrs. Shabana

12:45PM-12:50PM 3+2 Min.
12:50PM -12:55PM 3+2 Min.
12:55PM-01:00PM 3+2 Min.
01:00PM -01:10PM 3+2 Min.
01:10PM – 01:15PM 3+2 Min.
01:15PM – 01:45PM                                         LUNCH
Session 4
01:45PM-02:26PM 41 Min. Paper  Presentation Judges Dr.

Mrs. Suman Singh


01:45PM-01:53PM- 6+2 Min.
01:53PM-02:01PM 6+2 Min.
02:01PM-02:09PM 6+2 Min.
02:09PM-02:18PM 6+2 Min.
02:18PM-02:26PM 6+2 Min.
02:26PM -02:45PM   19 Min.
Closing Ceremony (Award Distribution)
Vote of Thanks