NTSI History

The Neurotrauma Society of India started as Neurotraumatology Committee under the aegis of Neurological Society of India with its first meeting at Hyderabad on 15th August 1992 organized by Dr. I. Dinakar. In 1992 at the Hyderabad NSI Meeting a few persons including Dr. P.S. Ramani and Dr.M. Sambasivan held a discussion regarding the formation of this society. It was decided that the August meeting would be called as the first meeting of the Society, and Dr.Kailai Rajan was requested to hold the second meeting in Madurai next year. The third meeting was scheduled to be held in Bombay in 1994 by Dr. P.S Ramani.

In 1994 a logo was prepared by Dr. P.S Ramani for the 3rd Neurotrauma Conference at Bombay, and the Executive Committee meeting held in Bombay on 13th August 1994 accepted it as the permanent logo of the Society. It depicts both the head and the spine, and is made on a white background with black lines depicting form. The white background represents purity and the lines on it depict the various forces on which the human being is positioned. The red spear in a lightning fashion represents the accident which occurs suddenly. The blue around the figure depicts wisdom and serenity

Initial funds to start the society were provided as corpus by Dr. P. S. Ramani Medical Foundation for a Neurotrauma oration. Shri J.B. Modi of J.B. Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Bombay provided the prizes for the Best Paper award and Shri Suresh Kare- Indoco Remedies, Bombay for three Best Poster prizes.

The Neurotrauma Society was officially announced in the Executive Committee meeting held on 18th August 1999 at Rajkot by late Dr. Arjun. D. Sehgal (the then President of the Neurological Society of India) with Dr. P.S. Ramani as its Founder President, Dr. A.K. Banerjee as President Elect and Dr. S.Mohanty as the Honorary Secretary of the Society. In 2002 with the efforts of Dr. A.K. Mahapatra and committee consisting of Dr. A.K. Banerjee and Dr. V.S. Madan the Constitution of the Society was drafted and approved. In the same year Dr. Mahaptra published the first newsletter of the society. The first issue of the Indian Journal of Neurotrauma was published in 2004 with hard work of Dr. H.S. Bhatoe. The membership of the society is steadily growing.

Aims of the Society

  • To maintain the highest standard in the ethics and practice in all the fields of Neurotrauma
  • To maintain this high standard, every endeavor shall be made to give adequate training to those who are properly qualified.
  • To promote and encourage research in all fields of Neurotrauma
  • To organize Workshops, Annual Conference etc. for updating knowledge, exchange of views and share experiences among the members.
  • To receive and accept donations, gifts, grants or contributions in kind and cash from any person or persons, association, societies, companies, authority or Government for the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Society.